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Nutrition: Smoothies V's Juices - the facts.

No matter what your diet and training regime entails, it's a simple fact; you can't eat too many health-giving fruits or vegetables.

Where, in days gone by 'eating your greens' may have meant Broccoli or sprouts cooked to a green sludge, or crunching on an apple from your school satchel; simply to 'keep the doctor away', nowadays, there are literally hundreds of simple ways you can introduce fruit and vegetables into your everyday eating routines, not least, since the boom in juicing and blending has hit the UK like an explosion in the Man From DelMonte's pantry.

But what are the facts? How do you know your Kale from your Kumquats? Or your Beetroot from your Blueberries? Do you blend? Do you Puree? Do you hope for the best and squeeze? In this upcoming post, we give you the low-down on the best way to pack a vitamin-loaded punch to your system with minimum fuss and maximum benefits. Ready... Set... Juice!

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