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Alistair Mills Swimming Coach Personal Trainer Manchester

I did 6 PT sessions with Alistair and gained a whole heap of dietary advise too, sticking to the programme 100% throughout a 5 week period in advance of a holiday abroad. I lost almost a stone in weight and feel fitter and healthier for a more structured fitness plan. I've always been active but feel that I am armed with the right information and exercises now to make the most of everything I do.I was really impressed with Alistair's personalisation to my requirements and feel educated from the experience.

Stephanie Wyatt - Marketing Manager 

Alistair Mills Swimming Coach Personal Trainer Manchester

AlI am a business owner with a hectic schedule. I have always meant to learn , properly how to swim. You know how it is. Good intentions but never found the time when you are so busy. As a child I never learnt how to swim and I've been meaning to for years. About 20 yrs ago I took a set of five 30 minutes lessons at a small swim school and I sort of managed at the end , to swim a  width of a small private pool. After that I never went in a pool for the next 20 years and basically gave up on any chance of swimming. Then I had two sons. Now very young and I was determined to learn to swim. From the minute I started with Alistair i, I knew he was a SUPERB swimming coach. Now, after only  nine 30 minute lessons, the progress I have made is quite incredible . And I mean incredible. From hating and being afraid of the water , from dreading my lessons , I feel so comfortable in the pool , I actually can't believe it. Alistair has me swimming with my face totally in the water. Something I never ever would have imagined. Fear has gone and I am making progress every single lesson. Honestly I can't commend Alistair more highly. His relaxed , confident approach is perfect for . I rave about his coaching and I would and I WILL recommend him to anyone I meet. I am not a guy to please easily but I rate this guy SO HIGHLY. Seriously . Do yourself a favour and book him. Having finished my initial course of ten lessons, I have  now booked ten more! My kids are going to be so impressed, but most of all , I'm actually proud of myself !

Simon Taylor - CEO Reich Insurance Brokers

Alistair Mills Swimming Coach Personal Trainer Manchester

Alistair has been training me for the past 12 months. Having a busy work schedule, I have found Al's approach to be flexible to my needs. Where I have heard & seen many personal trainers use a "one size fits all" approach, he understands his clients, tailors a plan and sets objectives to hit their goals. Al is a personable guy who will go above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction. I highly recommend Alistair's service to anyone.

Graeme Brotherton - Recruitment Director

I train with Alistair 10 times per week, morning and night, which is probably why I have no friends to take a picture of me and have to resort to elevator selfies. I challenged Al to take me from '13 stone beanpole' to somewhere approaching his God-like physique. Having trained with him for two years - enjoying his dedication, commitment, variety and a certain amount of bullying - I am now achieving my goals. What Al doesn't know about nutrition, physique and muscle growth isn't worth knowing. He has a straightforward, honest, to-the-point approach, which suits me perfectly. He keeps me focused, motivated and on target, which is no mean feat. If you want high-end personal athletic and physique training of the highest calibre, look no further, Alistair Mills is your man.

Rob Ellis - TV & Theatre Writer, Producer

Alistair Mills Swimming Coach Personal Trainer Manchester

I've been training with Alistair mills for just over 6 months now. During this time lve made some great progress. This is mainly due to his dynamic and varied training sessions. I have a very demanding work schedule and Alistair has the enthusiasm and flexibility to allow me to train effectively around this. I would recommend him to anyone looking to lose some weight, make some gains - or who just wants to feel fitter.

Dr. Tom Grundy - MBChB BSc (Hons) (Neurosci)

Alistair Mills Swimming Coach Personal Trainer Manchester

This time last year I was a complete exercise phobe, the words ‘gym’ and ‘exercise’ would send shivers through me and I would revert to crash diets or the shake regimes which I just couldn’t maintain. I have a stressful job and am often socialising, whether for business, or pleasure. I needed an exercise solution that would fit my lifestyle. Alistair was recommended to me and once I'd spoken to him over the phone, I realised his approach and techniques would be very much focused aaround me. As such, we didn’t set foot in the gym until I was ready and would exercise in the green space near to my flat. To this day, I don’t look for excuses to avoid work-outs.  Alistair works around my schedule and he will always make himself available. Every work out with Alistair is different and never boring. Its great for stress relief and I feel so much better for it. My PT sessions with Alistair really have made a massive difference to my well being.

Patricia O'Connor - Account Director


I approached Alistair about doing some sessions for me in the lead up to my summer holiday. Having put a fair amount of weight on after some bad injuries and generally slacking from the gym for an extended period, I was apprehensive about doing it on my own in just over two months. I had been in good shape before but was unable to lift the same level of weight because of my injuries, so in particular I was looking for tips on how to get in shape quickly without lifting very heavy weights - and doing so outside of my busy work schedule.  Not only did Al show me a completely different way of arranging my workouts to focus on specific muscle groups, but he also was up at the crack of dawn to work with me before I had to leave for work. He has a straightforward and honest approach, and works hard to fit his diary around clients. In two months I lost over 1 stone, reduced my body fat significantly, and gained noticeable size on shoulders and chest. Couldn't recommend him highly enough.

Sam Pilley 

I spent 29 years not being able to enjoy the water whilst on holiday at the beach or a day at the pool. I was terrified of the water and thought that I would never be able to swim because I was already too old for learning. All that changed when I decided to start taking swimming lessons with Alistair. After a month and a half of weekly lessons, I was swimming in the sea for the first time in my life. I'm now on my 5th month of lessons and already swim two styles comfortably, and can't wait to learn the rest. Alistair is a fantastic swimming coach, who not only teaches you the basics but also continues to work on your stroke technique, helping you improve your performance in the water. I fell in love with swimming and embraced it as a new hobby - now I visit the pool four days a week in addition to my classes!

Giselle Navarro - Head of Media Relations

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