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One of the rewards for commitment and dedication to a fitness regime is the results. This page is regularly updated with clients results, proving it's not where you start, it's where you're heading that's important. Check back regularly for insprational pictures of client transformatations. 

Alistair Mills Swimming Coach Personal Trainer Manchester

I did 6 PT sessions with Alistair and gained a whole heap of dietary advise too, sticking to the programme 100% throughout a 5 week period in advance of a holiday abroad. I lost almost a stone in weight and feel fitter and healthier for a more structured fitness plan. I've always been active but feel that I am armed with the right information and exercises now to make the most of everything I do.I was really impressed with Alistair's personalisation to my requirements and feel educated from the experience.

Alistair Mills Swimming Coach Personal Trainer Manchester

A Massive Congratulations to my client, and good friend Ahmed. He came into the gym in January with a goal of completely transforming his physique before his trip to Qatar.


Here he is 20weeks later and almost 20kgs lighter. Ahmed is a prime example of what can be achieved with the right attitude, determination and a little guidance... He has been an inspiration to me and the other guys at the gym every day coming in with a smile on his face. Huge respect, what an improvement

Alistair Mills Personal Training & Swimming Lessons Manchester

Huge improvement by my client Sam over the past few months. Left pic was taken in March at 104kg. Right pic in June at 97kg. Brilliant effort, Well done!


All sessions to be completed in a 6 month period of booking, sessions not completed within this timeframe will expire.
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